Breast Enlargement

Round, taut, shapely – the breast of a woman is the epitome of her femininity. However, not every woman is satisfied with the shape and size of her breast, which is also an important aspect of her attractive appearance and self-esteem.

The reasons for breast augmentation can be very different. Often, women suffer from a disproportionate breast form due to genetic predisposition. Also factors such as Pregnancy, breastfeeding, severe weight loss, connective tissue weakness or the natural aging process can lead to breast changes. And trigger the desire for a breast surgery.

While this does not cause any physical problems, it can be a psychological burden and have a limiting effect on social life and sexuality.

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Worth knowing about breast augmentation

An operative breast augmentation in the Mainz beauty clinic is a good way to adapt the individual idea of ​​breast shape and size to the desired body image. State-of-the-art surgical techniques and the latest generation of implants with leak-proof silicone cohesive gel make it possible to enlarge the breast without fear of loss of natural appearance and sensitive touch.

Modern implants with safety plus

All breast augmentation implants used in aesthetic surgery are made of a silicone shell and are only distinguished by the ingredient: silicone gel or physiological saline solution.

In terms of safety, reliability, durability and dimensional stability, modern silicone gel implants have proven to be most effective where the cross-linked structure of the cohesive gel does not allow the gel to bleed, and the textured (roughened) surface of these implants reduces the impact Risk of capsule formation to a minimum.

Both flat-round and teardrop-shaped, anatomically shaped implants are used.

Of course you can ask Dr. Niermann, the specialists in the field of breast augmentation in Mainz FONTANA KLINIK, about the currently available in Germany implant types and filling media and can be informed in detail about the respective advantages and disadvantages.

Implant placement for breast augmentation

For an implant to be introduced into the breast, a cut, the so-called surgical approach, must be made. Your doctor will always choose the cut so that scars remain small and inconspicuous.

There are three ways to establish operative access routes: via the armpit, via the areola, or through the breast fold. Subsequently, the implant is placed in a pocket, the so-called Implant lounge, which can be both on and partially under the pectoralis muscle.

The decision about the surgical approach to breast augmentation and the placement of the implant depends on many different factors and can only be decided after a detailed examination by your doctor.

Requirements for breast augmentation

Basically, the development of the breast should be completed. Before esthetic breast enlargement, we recommend carrying out a mammogram, an ultrasound examination and, if necessary, a magnetic resonance tomography to exclude breast disease.

In addition, the decision to breast augmentation for a woman should be made solely on their own initiative and regardless of the ideals of beauty of others, only with the aim to feel comfortable in their own body.

Low complication surgery: only minor risks

Of course, every surgery involves general and specific risks that your doctor will naturally discuss in detail and individually. Overall, breast augmentation is a low-impact surgical procedure with a high degree of efficiency and safety that can result in a proven increase in vitality and quality of life.

Please keep in mind that despite the information provided here, a medical consultation prior to treatment is irreplaceable. An in-depth and individual consultation by the doctor of your trust is necessary to be able to optimally meet your wishes.


We are happy to advise you in detail. Arrange an appointment now at FONTANA KLINIK. There, all your questions about breast augmentation and the course of breast surgery will be answered in peace. Appointments are available on the phone: 06131 – 94 06 90 or by email, by clicking here on our contact form.

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    Englische Version der Patientenmeinung Englische Version der Patientenmeinung Englische Version der Patientenmeinung Englische Version der Patientenmeinung Englische Version der Patientenmeinung Englische Version der Patientenmeinung

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